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We've Officially Launched!

We've Officially Launched!

Dec 27, 2021


donna bailey

We're finally here! After years of dreaming, today I wake up to a reality called MommienMe Designz. Now I know when people are thankful for a momentous occasion in their lives, they generally bend down towards a microphones and say, "I just want to thank God, because without Him this would not be possible." Well we're online and my podcast microphone is safely stored away! 😂 But I'm truly grateful to God because He made this a reality in my life. 

MommienMe Designz was a desire that began 10 years ago when our daughter Shekinah (SHA-KI-NAH)  was 3 years old (she's a 13 year old 8th grader now, where did the time go! 😩). We started out making gift baskets to encourage family and friends who were going through challenges or for special occasions and labeled it "Mommy & Me Designs." It was always a hit and everyone loved their gifts! It lit a spark within me to one day do something to inspire other older moms (35 and over) to enjoy and showcase their bond with their child and celebrate who they were as Mature Moms. 

So today is the new beginning of a dream a decade in the making. MommienMe Designz is here to empower other women who became mothers after 35 through the experience of mature motherhood, create a sense of community that displays our uniqueness and nurture the bond between mother and child.


Empowerment is a major theme, as well as apparel and accessories that will help you show up more confident in the room and showcase your mom-child bond. MommienMe Designz has created the M35C (Moms Over 35 Community) to not only empower us as older moms, but align with who we are as women. The M35C represents older moms as the special, experienced movers and shakers of life that you are! We're not just moms, we're powerhouses and in this community we will build and support one another. 🙌🏽🙌🏽


We come from different backgrounds, but our motherhood journeys connect us in such a beautiful and an intimate way. So welcome to our launch, our humble beginnings. It is my hope that as you and your children wear our apparel you're reminded by the words of how special and unique your mature motherhood experience is. Shucks make it your own! 🤗 There's NOTHING like the bond between mother and child (no matter how old they get); and there's nothing like a confident mature mom who walks into a room and changes the game. 👠


Talk soon,


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