Mothers and children; a dynamic like none other. No other relationship (not even marriage) will ever pull at your heart strings like the one with your own child. They will forever be a part of us! They may say “Dada” first, but there’s no bond like a maternal one. Mothers you must know that you are strong, beautiful, and have a unique voice and role in your child’s life. It is the words WE speak that will impact our children forever. It is the memories we create, the activities we participate in together that will build our bond.

MommienMeDesignz has been created to inspire the bond of love between mature mothers who had children at 35 and older and their children. I had our one and only daughter at 41 after 10 negative pregnancy tests, and years of struggling with vaginal cysts and fibroids. I understand the challenges and the discouragement that comes from wanting a child so badly, and what it feels like to not have much support because your peers aren't going through the motherhood journey when you are. All my friends had teenagers or adults when Shekinah was born! But I kept a dream in my heart that one day when Shekinah was older I wanted us to do something together as mother and daughter to show other mothers over 35 how to "find their voice and develop their Mommie Identity" as a mature mother. It's important to nurture first yourself, then the unique bond you share with your child. So MommienMeDesignz was birthed out of the desire to show other mothers and children the importance of taking care of yourself, staying encouraged through the inevitable hard times but yet building a bond so strong life will never tear it apart. Our empowerment tee shirts and classes are designed to help mothers and their children everywhere take the best possible care of themselves and bond together wearing tee shirt designz that speak to the heart of mothers and their children. Join us on this journey of empowerment, self care, inspiration and creativity. Welcome to MommienMeDesignz!


~ Donna (Mommie) & Shekinah (me)