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Hello I’m D Nadine Bailey.


 I’m the founder of the Mature Moms Making Moves coaching program and a coach for women who become moms after 35. I became a mother at 42 and I went through periods of loneliness and depression trying to adjust to an organized life that suddenly became chaotic and overwhelming! It was like there was no room in my overly busy professional and personal life for my child!


I struggled through challenges of being exhausted, wondering if I would ever get a handle on motherhood at this point in my life. Most of my peers had adult children or teens by this stage of life!


Through my 14-year mature motherhood journey, I've learned how to overcome the unique challenges of being an older mom and I'm here to support and empower Y-O-U, the professional woman who has taken on the greatest and most rewarding challenge of your life; Mature Motherhood.


As a Mature Mom Coach for professional women who become mothers after 35, I help moms 35+ to decrease stress, set boundaries and establish balance so they can build a unique bond with their child!


I'm here to help you through my group and individual laser coaching sessions to "thrive and not survive" mature motherhood ladies. Are you ready, let's do this!